Tazo: Sip Joyfully Campaign

Sip Joyfully was Tazo's playful and bright rebrand launch campaign for September 2016. After chai tea season (Oct-Dec), Sip Joyfully pulsed again from January through March of 2017 with a new media buy and refreshed in-store creative.

Role: Senior Art Director  |  Team: Ann Capra, Laura Swiatkowski, Kelsey O’Brien, Taylor Fenderbosch

Upshot Agency, 2016-2017


Print and Digital Ads: Full page ads in Bon Appetite and Elle magazines, customized content and sponsored articles.


In-store Marketing: Shelf talkers and couponing in aisle to drive sales. 


Pre-roll Video: Produced in-house and displayed on HULU.


Greetabl Partnership: Partnered with the like-minded brand, Greeabl, for a Galentine's Day giveaway. 


Influencer and Blogger Partnerships: Partnered with 100+ influencers to create custom content. 


Chai Extension