Tazo Brand Refresh

When we started working on Tazo, the brand was in a transition period. Tazo had become a stark and serious brand within the tea category. It wasn’t showcasing the brand’s sense of exploration, joy and most importantly the vibrant unexpected ingredients in each cup of tea.

We began with refreshing their target audience, established a new voice, and created a set of brand guidelines. Then we completed a 3-day lifestyle and ingredient photoshoot to populate our image library. These photos became key elements in the new website and September 2017 launch campaign ‘Sip Joyfully”.

Role: Senior Art Director  |  Team: Laura Swiatkowski, Katie BrennKelsey O’BrienTaylor Fenderbosch

Upshot Agency, 2016-2017

Lifestyle Photo Shoot


Ingredient Photo Shoot


Brand Guidelines: Created a guide with our new brand voice, typography rules, color palette, patterns etc. 



 Images only used for moodboard.